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Since 2011, Shoptiques has been the go-to online destination that connects savvy shoppers like you with thousands of local, independent boutiques across the globe.


I've been shopping on this site for several years now. I love finding cool boutiques and supporting the smaller shops. I've always received high quality clothes and it's stuff I don't see anywhere else. The prices can be high but filtering through the "sale" tab I've found some gems! Of course, I'm willing to pay a bit more for quality.
They have an excellent selection of items at all price points. I can always find something. I like the free shipping from boutiques and 10% off for the week after a purchase. I like being able to buy unique pieces that other people don’t have. I like being able to support small businesses and shopping places I may never visit.
— Caroline
I found Shoptiques through a friend and it is awesome! You can't find unique products like this anywhere else... I love shopping at boutiques when I travel but this makes it instantaneous for all the stores right on my phone at my fingertips! I got the products quickly and have never had any issues.
— PJ
I can’t say enough about Shoptiques. I have a new granddaughter and I love the baby clothes! So exciting to find unique clothing from all over the world. Shipping is fast and I now am buying gifts for all my friends grandchildren. Love it!
— Joyce